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Hello – I am Denise – the founder of Denise S-F Coachingintolife. My passion is people. I love working with people of all backgrounds, ages and stages in life to enable and empower them to be their unique self in a world of endless variety and possibility. 



By background, I have been working in education as a teacher of Modern Foreign languages for twenty years, experiencing management, pastoral work and coaching people of all ages and stages in life. I am also a parent to three great adult children and so am very aware of the complexities involved in navigating the many roles and seasons in life we find ourselves in. 



More recently, I summoned the courage to step out into new ground and returned to learning in order to retrain, gaining a professional qualification and accreditation in coaching, which has served to bring together my experiences and passions in life under the umbrella of a Life Coach.


Although my key skill is in matters related to education, we are whole people and I believe coaching is a powerful way to integrate all areas of life.


Please see “Work with me” to discover the ways I can work with you.

 Denise Storrs-Fox | Denise SF Coaching Into Life | London, England

Denise  Storrs-Fox

About me

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What I...

I believe that in the right environment and with the right encouragement and nurturing, you can be enabled to be the best “you.”


Secondly, I believe that foundational to all that we are, is our emotional wellbeing. How well we handle the multifaceted situations that come our way will go a long way towards the establishing the right foundations for any situation. Life evolves and changes, hence the need to take care of our emotional selves in order to last the pace well.

What I believe




"Life coaching with Denise was invaluable and has had a lasting impact. I am still benefiting from the things she helped me see in myself and the action steps that we put together through the process. She was warm and wise and helpful guide."


JB - Teacher and Youth Leader

Key to the solution


“I came to see Denise to discuss a work issue relating to the future structure and strategy for my team.  Denise provided a safe environment in which I could talk confidentially about the problem and this in itself was a major step towards finding a solution.  In addition, Denise asked some very insightful questions, one of which continued to resonate with me for a few days afterwards and provided the key to the solution." 


GS, Senior Manager, Insurance

Pursue my passion


"Denise started working with me at a time that was extremely challenging, before and through lockdown. I felt lost in going forward in my work, struggling to push the doors open.

 I began to make significant changes as Denise took me on a personal journey in a point in my life when I felt lost, confused and frustrated. Through our sessions I discovered what my values are and how to make choices that are right for me and my family. I feel as though I have learnt new tools and skills which encompassed not just a shift in my employment, but how now it sits perfectly with my dream job and the hours suit my family and my core values.

I now have more than enough work, I am available for my family, I have grown in confidence, assurance in making good decisions. Denise also helped me prioritise and pursue my passion for creativity as an artist.


Looking back, I don’t know why I struggled on for so long trying to work this out on my own. After just a couple of sessions with Denise things became clearer and I value her insight, wisdom and support more than I can explain. Denise is a compassionate, professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to. Thank you."



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