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General Life Coaching

General Life Coaching

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Whatever stage or age you are at in life, you rarely have the time to process thoughts in order to arrive at solutions which will take you forward. This is where Life Coaching can help!

The power of the insightful question, along with the time for you to process in a neutral and confidential space gives your brain time to access new and creative solutions, enabling you to gain clarity in order to empower you to move forward confidently. 

    Are you facing

  • a career change?

  • a work issue needing clarity?

  • conflict needing resolution?

  • return to work?

  • a relationship dilemma?

  • a house move or change in location

  • transition of any nature

Whatever situation you are facing, the power of the spoken work, the

skilled question and time and space will allow you to move forward.


Image by Gary Butterfield
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