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One of the biggest challenges faced by those working in schools is that of navigating the challenges of workload. Managing time effectively in order to be productive and healthy is key to managing the workload in teaching.


With full and demanding days with numerous tasks to juggle, it is vital to invest time in yourself and take time out to think about healthy and skilled ways to manage workload in keeping with the rest of your life.


Coaching offers you the opportunities to:

  • Identify your life goals

  • Identify your priorities

  • Identify the time wasters

  • Identify the energy sappers

  •  Manage your own expectations and those of others 

  • Align your workload to allow you to function in an optimal way

1. Safe space to talk about workload

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Coaching Solutions

Coaching into Education – the benefits. This section is for teachers and student teachers. Here are 5 reasons how coaching can help you.

Teachers & Student Teachers

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